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HOW TO keep your freckles on point

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My best friend growing up was a red head and I fell head over heels with her freckles in elementary school.  To this day, I think freckles are like pixie dust, adding a lil extra magic to your face so I've compiled some of our #washiewellness tips for keeping your freckles oh so perfect!

RULE #1 keep it COOL

Too much of a good thing (aka overproduction of melanin activity) can diminish what makes freckles special.  Keep sun and heat exposure to a minimum to avoid darker freckles and more patchy looking pigment cells.  Some of our favorite sunscreens for sensitive will help protect your freckles. Remember heat can also be a trigger too. So make sure to wear breathable clothing to work out, drink plenty of water throughout the day, and add a hat to your wardrobe.

RULE #2 keep it CALM

Make it a part of your daily routine to incorporate nourishing skincare to keep your face healthy and freckles happy.  A balm or lotion to keep redness at bay and a well-formulated vitamin C serum can help suppress melanin cells to keep freckles in check.

RULE #3 keep it CLEAR
Clear, glowing skin is the result removing dead skin with gentle exfoliation.  Also  one of the best ways to manage skin discoloration is to be exfoliating throughout the week. Why? Dead surface cells store much of the excess pigment found in freckles. Exfoliation can be done with acids, at-home peels, gentle facial scrubs, dermaplaning, and sonic cleansing brushes— just be extra diligent with your SPF as some exfoliation (especially the chemical kind) can make your skin more sensitive to the sun. 
OK so now you are equipped to take on the world and keep your beautiful freckles in the spotlight!