What makes your products better for babies, big kids, and adults? Wash with Water products are small batch crafted right here in Charleston, South Carolina to deliver the most effective and gentle wellness products to your loved ones.  Our team of mommies, daddies, board certified physician and chemists formulate wellness products with one thing in mind- crafting the safest, most effective bath products on the market. Learn more about the Wash with Water difference and enjoy customer testimonials in our review section.

How do you formulate safer products? At Wash with Water, all of our products are produced within a FDA/USDA/CGMP registered laboratory. The specific extraction process for our CBD Hemp oil uses zero chemicals in the process ensuring the most potent and pure CBD on the market. From there, the manufacturing and testing processes are second to none. Each batch of our CBD hemp oil goes through stringent ISO-certified 3rd party testing to ensure consistency, and purity. Each product has a batch number for you to reference and receive a Certificate of Analysis (COA).

Can I use your CBD Hemp Oil skincare on my baby? Yes, Hemp oils contains more than 75 identifiable cannabinoids.  Of them, CBD is the most widely accepted to have health benefits.  CBD Isolates contain only one cannabinoid, CBD, without any of the other whole plant ingredients and has “0” % THC. The hemp used to create the premium CBD Hemp Oil in Wash with Water's personal care products has been carefully sourced, processed, and tested for purity, safety, and consistency.  Furthermore only USA farms utilizing sustainable farming practices and zero pesticides meet WwW's strict manufacturing standards.  

What products do you recommend for a child with eczema, keratosis pilaris or cradle cap? All of our products are developed with the most delicate skin of newborns in mind. A fan favorite for those with sensitive skin conditions are any of our products in our Barenaked Babydoll collection or our Unscented products.  Our Extra Gentle Bundle is also a wonderful option for creating a healthy skincare regimen to nourish the skin daily. It is always recommended to discuss your (or your child's eczema) with your personal clinician. In severe cases- when consistent management does not work - there may be a need to see an allergist and/or dermatologist.

Do you have any fragrance-free products? Yes! All of the products in the Barenaked Babydoll Collection are unscented.  BONUS: All of our scented products are thoughtfully crafted 100% all natural aroma (no synthetics).

How does Wash with Water guarantee the Purity and Safety of the CBD products?

All our hemp plants are grown using proprietary hemp cultivars, grown and processed in the USA. We do NOT use Chinese, European nor Canadian Hemp.   Only USA farms utilizing sustainable farming practices and zero pesticides make it into our strict standards. All our Hemp goes through third party testing along the process to ensure purity and consistency. Then the Hemp Oil is extracted using supercritical CO2 extraction - the purest form of extraction - whereas many hemp oils on the market are extracted using harmful chemicals. Our extraction process uses zero chemicals in the process ensuring the most potent and pure CBD on the market. All our hemp extract is manufactured in an FDA certified manufacturing facility.  

I am a vegan, how does Wash with Water support my lifestyle? We take great care to offer Wash with Water products that are 100% vegan and always cruelty free. We are very proud to be officially certified by PeTA People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and added to their honorable Cruelty-Free company program "Beauty without Bunnies" as well as their "Cruelty-Free Shopping Guide" as well as Leaping Bunny Certified.

Are any of your fragrances 100% natural? All of our aromas are comprised only of aromatic natural raw materials, which are custom blends of pure essential oils and extracts. They are completely free from nature-identical and synthetic components.  Our entire Barenaked Babydoll collection is (unscented) and without synthetic components.

Is there an expiration date on your products? Due to the nature of our all natural and organic ingredients, your Wash with Water products should be used within 2 years of purchase or 6 months after opening for best performance.

I have food allergies, can I use your products? All products are free of Dairy and Egg. We also have a large selection of gluten-free products available.  Currently, in guidance to industry standard, the FDA lists an extensive compilation of nuts as “tree nuts”. Moroccan Argan oil is not amongst those. We always recommend due diligence and guide customers to speak with their personal physician with any questions pertaining to your specific allergies.

Where are Wash with Water products made? We are very proud and diligent about crafting all products here in the USA. You can visit our factory store right here in Charleston, South Carolina where each of your products is made with love.

Are your bottles BPA-free? Yes! All of our packaging is completely BPA-free.  

How should I store my Wash with Water products? All Wash with Water products are born from small batches each month with the purest organic and natural ingredients. Store washes, creams and lotions in a cool, dry dark place away from direct sunlight and heat. This especially important if you are 'stocking up' by buying multiple products. Our bar soaps are handcrafted and last longest when placed in a dry spot after bathing.

Is it normal for my products to look different from one purchase to another? The beauty of organic and natural products is they are not mass produced. This being said, the products can vary in scent, color and to some extent texture. As natural ingredients are crop based, there are many [natural] factors that can affect the look of a product based on the growing season, the time of year the ingredient was harvested/processed, etc. These variances are what make natural products unique. Products can even darken over time as the herbs become more pronounced; herbs may fall to the bottom of the bottle (simply shake to mix). Essential oils are volatile (evaporate as they release their scent) and you may notice a slight change in the blend. This is normal.

Does Wash with Water test on animals? We love our furry friends and NONE of our products are tested on animals. We are very proud to be officially certified by PeTA People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and added to their honorable Cruelty-Free company program "Beauty without Bunnies" as well as their "Cruelty-Free Shopping Guide".


What methods of payment do you accept? Visa and MasterCard.

Can I use multiple promo codes? Only one promo code can be used at checkout.

Do you offer free shipping? Yes! Shipping is free for orders of $100 or more in the continental US.

How can I check the status of my order? Immediately after purchase, you should receive an email from USPS with your order number and shipping status (allow 1-2 days for your shipping status to update). You can also check the status of your order by signing in to your account at www.washwithwaterfamily.com

Can I cancel an order once it is submitted? We are happy to assist in making your selection the right one every time.  Please email us at info@washwithwaterfamily.com if you need assistance. Due to the sensitivity of our organic ingredients and to maintain the integrity of each product, orders cannot be changed or cancelled once it has been shipped. If you purchased the product from a retail store or an online merchant, please contact them directly.

How does Wash with Water ship orders? Our standard shipping is via Priority USPS Ground (generally x2/x3 day). We process and ship orders Monday - Friday within 72 hours of receipt. During holidays, launches, and sales periods, shipments can take up to two weeks. We small batch our hair and skincare monthly to offer our customers the most effective products and greatly appreciate your patience for your order.

Do you ship international orders? Wash with Water is proudly carried by retailers around the world. Please see our Retailer tab for a location near you.

My order says it was delivered, but I never received it. We ship with love from our heart to your home and always want each purchase to exceed your expectations.  Unfortunately we cannot be responsible for the package once it leaves our hands, but we will do our best to help you. Contact your local USPS post office; sometimes they mark packages undeliverable and you’ll need to pick it up in person. Our system automatically red-flags any incorrect addresses, but sometimes invalid addresses slip through the cracks and become undeliverable, so be sure to email us ASAP if your shipping address is incorrect at sales@washwithwaterfamily.com

Can I return an opened product? We work diligently to craft the most effective and safest products for our "washies"  and are confident you'll love them time and time again! 

All sales are final, except we will exchange any unopened, unused Product for another Product of equal or lesser value.  Products returned for exchange must be shipped within thirty (30) days of purchase.  You must send the item back, in its original packaging, with the packing slip and/or receipt, with the appropriate section on the packing slip completed.  You bear the cost of return shipping costs.   Contact sales@washwithwaterfamily.com to arrange a Product return.

If you receive a defective Product or incorrect Product, please contact us immediately at sales@washwithwaterfamily.com with your order number and a description of the problem.


Tell us the Wash with Water story The seed of Wash with Water was planted during a fateful road trip and an insightful conversation with our then five year daughter. We found ourselves lost upon an Amish village and were forever inspired by two observations. First, how fresh and untouched everything was and second, how engaged the children were with every facet of their surroundings. From homemade root beer to bars of soap, we collected our treasures and headed home about to embark on a life changing adventure. We have dedicated our lives to creating a "child-centric" company creating products for a healthier bath time. As a mom and founder of Wash with Water, Stephanie Pascarella has a wealth of inspiration from the most generous muses...our CHILDREN. Wash with Water's plant-powered hair and skincare products were developed from a collection of tender moments and a desire to protect what is most special for each family. We were born out of the philosophy to spoil Mother Nature so you can spoil your loved ones. We are committed to a sustainable future and want to inspire everyone to enjoy the goodness of our planet. All of our products are produced right here in the USA, with responsible sourcing, recycling, and community in mind. Together we will protect our earth's limited resources so our children can love, create, and live as they dream. Together we are limitless.

What does the crown logo mean? Wash with Water's crown symbolizes empowering children to be an integral part of the choices that impact their world. From the thoughtful development of our sustainable, plant-based products to our "green" packaging, each child has always been and will remain at the center of our choices as a company.  

If you still have questions about why we use certain ingredients, where they come from, or what each one is intended to do, please ask us! You can contact us by emailing info@washwithwaterfamily.com We love talking about our Company and products, and we want our washies to feel confident and trust the choices we make each and every day!      

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.