Our Promise

As a mama, I have a wealth of inspiration from the most generous muses…our CHILDREN.

As founder, I fully trust my instincts and deep rooted desire to create good for all CHILDREN.

 xx, Stephanie mommy & founder



ALWAYS clean and free from anything harmful. We believe in ingredient transparency so you can be confident each and every ingredient used is clearly listed on our labels. Perfectly, small-batched crafted to ensure that our products are ultra-gentle, hypoallergenic with superior results for every stage of your family’s life — protecting baby’s delicate skin, maintaining mama’s healthy glow and caring for your child as she grows. 
BETTER manufacturing practices in our FDA and USDA approved facility means every Wash with Water product is safe, stable, and superior in quality. We are setting the bar for the beauty and personal care industry. We guarantee all of our formulas undergo thorough testing by both our in-house testing facility, as well as a third-party independent laboratory to ensure accurate results. 
COMMUNITY We are incredibly proud and diligent to ensure all Wash with Water products are produced right here in the USA, with responsible sourcing, recycling, and community in mind. From the thoughtful development of our wellness products to our eco-conscious packaging, each child has always been and will remain at the center of our choices as a company.