Love Notes

Daily Wash with Water testimonials from our healthy and happy families! For further love shared by our customers, check out our product reviews! 466623_476914555654468_1743841551_o"We've been using Wash with Water Sweetpea and Me since we brought our twins home from the hospital and absolutely love it. They were 5 weeks premature and it's so amazing on their sensitive skin :) I was wondering if the company is planning on releasing a lotion in the same scent? We currently use A star is born lotion on the babies and love that as well! Thank you so much for making such an amazing and sensitive product for my twins." "I love the fact that they have a trial kit because my little one isn’t here yet and I wanted to see which one we like the best before we get the full size :) Can’t wait until we get to give them a try!" "This (Barenaked Babydoll) totally worked! I used it a few times and cradle cap gone!" "This stuff is magic! Colsen has eczema and I've been looking for an organic and unscented lotions  to use for his skin--& I came across Wash with Water! Since I got it a couple days ago, his eczema is almost gone and his skin is back to being silky smooth (yah!!)…" "Prior to using this…I was using Aveeno for Hailee. She had dry scaly (almost alligator like patches)     on her legs and arms..No more since using the lotion also!.." "I looooove your stuff!!!! It smells so good! So easy to wash off and best of all…it's organic!!! I love it more than our Honest Co. shampoo/body wash. "The detangler is awesome. My daughter often had dreads when she awakens. I get tears and frustration trying to pull a brush through the mess. Stephanie recommended that I try it. It worked. Also I have been using it on my beard as a leave in conditioner and it has never been softer." "After using the soap on my son we feel great and his skin has changed so much. No more dry, itchy, or bumpy legs. Our son is eight years old and had never worn shorts because of his skin. As of last week this has all changed. He's not having any more problems with his skin and I feel much better that I no longer have to keep oiling, lotion or putting coco butter on his skin two to three times a days. He's on his fourth bar of soap and I'm falling more in love everyday. Believe me when I say it works and is great soap. Try it and see!"3_MG_1481_Final_SquireFox "We love this!! (A Star is Born spray) Use it as a quick body mist for the twins if I don't have time for lotion because you know…Twins lil :)" "Absolutely Love this product! My 17 month old daughter suffered from eczema for months, we tried everything with little or no results. I heard good things about Wash with Water and decided to try it and I noticed a difference the very first time I bathed her with it. Her skin was so soft and smooth, it was amazing. I didn't have to use lotion afterwards. Within weeks the eczema was gone. It gave me relief knowing she wouldn't suffer any longer. I especially love that its organic. We love it." "We LOVE the Sweet Pea body/shampoo foam! Our daughter loves the "foam" part of the product and I love everything about it from the goodness and wholesomeness of the ingredients to the environmentally friendly packaging. It's evident much thought and effort went into your line of bath products for children and as a mother who wants the very best for hers I'd like to say… Thank You!" "I so love how soft my Vera smells and feels after using her new "Wash with Water" soap. Thankful to Stephanie Pascarella for making a great product as pure as our little munchkins!”