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You, yes you, can stay calm this holiday season!

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As fun and lovely as the holiday season is, we cannot deny that there can be many moments of stress and frustration. Mama, the holidays hit all of us HARD. Here are a few tips to keep you calm, cool, and collected this season:

1.Focus on what’s Important

This holiday season it is not odd to get stuck on something as simple finding matching ribbon for your wrapping paper without realizing that it just might not be that important. Washies try to make a list of what is most important to you this season, whether that be your family, or beliefs, or whatever else. Look at your list often, every day if you have to!

By writing down what is important to yourself, you will gain a new perspective and be better at letting go of those not so important details.


2. Take some time for Yourself

The holidays are built around giving, giving, giving. Well every once and while don't give but take some time to relax. Our favorite way to relax at Wash with Water is to take a nice long, bubbly soak with our bubble bath. A bath can be a total game changer. A relaxed mama and dada makes for an oh so happy holiday season.

3. Shop Small

Holiday doorbusters and shopping craziness is a major cause of stress for most parents. Washies avoid those wild lines and hectic rushes through the store and shop small. By shopping small, you are not only directly helping a business owner but you are also buying special, likely hand curated products that can be the perfect gift for a loved one - or yourself!

Shopping small eliminates frustration and make you the  best gift giver on the block.

4. Express Gratitude

We understand how hard it can be to express gratitude for your little one when they stick their hand in your freshly baked pie or your family decides to comment on your new dress - thanks, dad. Gratitude can be hard, mama! Think about what you are thankful for and go from there. As cliche as it is, have an attitude of gratitude and your worries will melt away.

Have a happy holiday Washies!!