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Tips for tangle-free, shiny toddler hair

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One childhood tradition that we hope not to pass down to our daughters and sons is the struggle of brushing a tangled head of hair while mom threatens to give you a pixie hair cut!  Here are our MUST-HAVE products and tips to make glossy, healthy hair a reality for your entire family

Clean Hair is a MUST 

First things first, a clean head of hair is your friend. Cleansing and moisturizing your little one's locks a few times a week with a gentle shampoo and conditioner will help combing less of a chore for you and your mini.

Frequent Conditioning 

Fine, dry, curly or wavy hair also presents unique challenges as it tangles easily and you can't get the tangles out without wrecking the curl. Immediately nourishing towel dry hair with a light moisturizing detangler will help keep curls bouncy and tangle free.

Brush down to UP 

Starting with a wide tooth comb brush your little ones ends first, in small sections moving slowly up towards the scalp.  A great everyday brush that you can keep in the shower and use post-conditioning is a kids wet brush, designed to glide through tangles without breakage or pain. If you are bathing at nighttime, loose braids will help keep their hair snarl free all night long.

Silk Dreams 

Outfitting your family's beds with silk pillow cases can certainly help keep that bed head under control. The natural properties of silk including its smooth surface, can help reduce friction on your hair which often causes damage, like spilt ends and tangles.