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Mother's Day Gift Guide from the COMMUNITY founders

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Notes from the COMMUNITY - a retail space in Charleston, SC co-founded by our mama, Stephanie Pascarella.




For Mother’s Day this year we honor quality over quantity; of thoughtfully designed, and beautifully made. We asked each of the COMMUNITY founders to pick their top gifts (to give and/or receive) for Mother’s Day this year.

COMMUNITY founder and Kay & Co owner Randi Nuoralachose one of The Restored Board Co’s beautiful cutting/serving boards for her mama. Their most recent release includes a collection of beautifully handcrafted boards with copper accents - which Randi describes as “a stylish accent that also makes them super easy to hang and display when not in use!”


COMMUNITY founder and Hemming Birds owner Yana Wieckowski, a mother of three (including one brand new babe born this past January), chose earrings from beading artist Lina Rosa, a MacBailey Candle Co candle, and Wash with Water’s new lotion collection as her Mother’s Day picks. “I recently purchased a pair of Lina Rosa earrings for myself. . .and my mom immediately commented on them! The Mini Rosa style is truly perfect to wear every day!” - Yana.

Why the Wash with Water lotions? “My entire family has amazingly sensitive skin. Four years ago we started switching over most of our skincare products to Wash with Water and we’ll never go back. I find especially when I spend so much of the day with an infant that I become extra aware of what I’m putting on my own skin.”

Stephanie Pascarella, COMMUNITY founder and owner of the all natural skincare company Wash with Water, chose initial prints by Cash Color and PureFluff CBD cotton candy for herself for Mother’s Day. Stephanie chose the initial prints as a way to add a personal touch to the decor of her family’s new music room. As for the PureFluff Cotton Candy, she mentions “ I have such a sweet tooth so discovering local treats from our most talented confectionery artists is my jam!”